Marketiva Review – The Most Popular Market Maker in The World

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Marketiva – The Most Popular Market Maker in The World

Marketiva has established itself as an industry leader thanks to its advanced trading platform and its highly recommended customer service. Marketiva state they have “more than 520,000 serviced users, 310,000 unique and live trading accounts, and more than 3.7 million live orders executed each month.

Marketiva - The Most Popular Market Maker in The world

Marketiva - The Most Popular Market Maker in The world

No minimum deposits are required to open an account with Marketiva. Actually, when you first log in, your account is already charged with $5 in real money, and $10,000 virtual money. The same account and platform are used for practice money and for the real money, so only a click of a button is needed to determine which funds you wish to use. Best of all, a $5 reward is given for opening a new account and depositing only $1. Marketiva’s rates are between 2-4 pips for the major pairs, offering less than 20 pairs all together. The leverage they offer is of 1:100, allowing a minimum trade unit of 1 lot! In addition to FOREX trading, Marketiva also allows trading funds, commodities and Index offering.

The process of opening up a Marketiva account is quick and easy. Registration process is simple, and requires only minimal details for opening the account. No further procedures were required for downloading the software, which is also a quick and easy process.

Marketiva review ~

Streamster, Marketiva’s software, is known for its ease of use and flexibility. It has a high-tech look & feel, yet it is simple and intuitive enough for a beginner to understand. The software includes advanced charting tools, which are fully customizable, and enable opening positions right from the charts themselves.

Streamster - Marketiva Trading Plattform

Streamster - Marketiva Trading Plattform

Accounts can be managed through the “Account Center” on Marketiva’s website, so it is not necessary to actually be logged into the Streamster download software, to follow account balance, open positions and trades.

Deposit and withdrawal processes are executed through the web “Account Center”, and are clear and easy to follow through.

To make a deposit, the following payment methods are available on Marketiva: Wire transfer, E-Bullion, E-Dinar, Liberty Reserve and Web Money. No fees are charged for deposits, however, these payment methods do accrue charges for withdrawals. The fee for withdrawing by wire transfer is $14.00, while for all the rest it is $7.00 and only for the first withdraw.

Around the clock customer support is available from professionals with any questions that may arise, technical as well as trade related. Marketiva’s support standard is regarded by users as one of the highest in this field. This is despite the fact that support is provided mainly via email, and through the public chat-room, open be read by all clients.

A multitude of additional services and resources are offered the trader. A section of FAQs, dealing with general issues of trade in the FOREX market, as well as specific questions about operating their software, is available on the website. The answers cover lots of ground, although not in the most enticing way.

Marketiva Facility within Streamster

Marketiva Facility within Streamster

Market news and alerts are provided from within the system, to aid traders with their decision making processes. Instrument Profiles are also provided. These profiles contain detailed information categorized in several sections, allowing the trader to make a better decision on which instrument to trade. Marketiva enables clients to chat online with other traders, so they can discuss market events and trends, and exchange ideas and tips.

To further enhance the community atmosphere, Marketiva runs Marketiva Masters Tournaments. Marketiva posts a list of traders who made the most profits during the last month and during the previous year. The #1 earner is named Marketiva Master of the month or year.

The user-friendly software, high quality support, advanced community tools and low risk requirements, all make Marketiva very attractive for a newcomer to the FOREX market.


  • User-friendly software
  • Chat with others while trading
  • Demo account and real money account on the same platform
  • Low minimum deposit – only $1
  • Get Free $5 Reward as initial Real Money without deposit.
  • Very good Customer Service Representative with multiple language such as italian, indonesian, portugese, spanish, chinese, malay, etc
  • No overnight interest
  • Withdrawal fee for digital currencies is charged once only


  • Trading platform is download only
  • Need to verify account using Identification Card, passport, etc
  • English only language at website.

Everyone have read this review open an account. You are going to see how your money will work for you at Forex Online Trading.

Join us, and receive your $5 real money Free !!! Click the Banner below :

Register by clicking this Banner and Claim your $5 Free

Register by clicking this Banner and Claim your $5 Free

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Calculating Profit in Forex Trading with Marketiva

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How To Calculate Profit in Marketiva

The objective of trading is to buy a market instrument and later sell the same market instrument for a higher price. In case of margin trading, trader can also sell a market instrument first and later buy the same market instrument for a lower price. Either way, trader has to close position in order to lock in the profit.

Let us assume that you open a long position by buying a market instrument for 129.38 (quantity of 10000) and few hours after that, you close the position by selling it for 129.52 (same quantity of 10000). These two trades would bring you profit of (129.52 – 129.38) * 10000 = 1400.

We can also say that these two trades would bring you 14 “points” profit. A “point” is the smallest increment in an instrument’s price. For the instrument in the above example, one point is 0.01 and for an instrument denominated with 4 decimals, one point would be 0.0001. Expressing position profits in points is often very useful for quick calculations and estimates.

It is very easy to calculate profit in Marketiva. All you need to do is look at the profit column. If it is green with positive, it is your profit in USD. That’s it. Simple !!!

~ Jayasena – Professional Private Trader

One point, from the example position above, would bring you 0.01 * 10000 = 100 profit, denominated in the same currency the market instrument is denominated in.

In case of Forex, currency pair denomination will be in the counter currency (JPY is the counter or quote currency in the USD/JPY pair) and you may need additional currency conversion to get profit calculated in the currency your trading account is denominated in.

First to trade Forex ? Try Marketiva in the first place. It is simple, easy, and claim your free $5 for your account to start trading. Register using the link below and get every benefit to join our international Chat room to discuss Forex related issues, signal with other trader !!!

Click this banner to open an account and Claim your $5 Free

Click this banner to open an account and Claim your $5 Free

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Introduction For Forex Trading in Marketiva

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Introduction For Trading Forex in Marketiva

Buying and Selling Mechanism

Financial market is a mechanism that allows people to easily buy and sell (trade) market instruments at low transaction costs and at prices that reflect efficient markets. Financial markets have evolved significantly over several hundred years and are undergoing constant innovation to improve liquidity.

If you believe value of a market instrument is going to increase, then you would buy the instrument and at one point in the future you would sell it for a higher price. This is the basic motivation for trading on financial markets.

Orders and Positons

When you want to open a position you need to place an “entry” order. If and when the entry order executes, the position becomes “open” and starts its life on the market. At some point in the future, you will place an “exit” order to “close” the position. A position can be “long” (entry order is to buy and exit order is to sell an instrument) or “short” (entry order is to sell and exit order is to buy an instrument).

I recommended this Forex Company because of their best Customer Support and their simplicity. I Myself already invest in this company with more than $10,000 and this far, there is no problem. If you are New to this Forex Trading, I can suggest you to try this company first.

~ Jayasena – Professional Private Trader

At the point when you place your entry order, you need to define price level at which you want to buy or sell certain instrument. You also need to specify type of the order and quantity of the instrument you want to trade. There are 3 order types:

  • Market Order
  • Stop Order
  • Limit Order

Market Order

Placing a market order means that you will buy at the current “ask” (or “offer”) price, or sell at the current “bid” price, whatever that price currently is. For example, suppose you are buying a market instrument and its current market price is 129.34 / 129.38. This means a participant in the market is willing to buy the instrument from you at 129.34 and / or sell it to you at 129.38.

Stop Order

Initiating a trade with a stop order means that you will only open a position if the market moves in the direction you are anticipating. For example, if an instrument is trading at 129.34 / 129.38 and you believe it will move higher, you could place a stop order to buy at 129.48. This means that the order will only be executed if ask price in the market moves up to 129.48. The advantage is that if you are wrong and the market moves straight down, you will not have bought (because 129.48 will never have been reached). The disadvantage is that 129.48 is clearly a less attractive rate at which to buy than 129.38. Opening a position with a stop order is usually appropriate if you wish to trade only with strong market momentum in a particular direction.

Click this Banner to open your account and Claim Your Free $5

Click this Banner to open your account and Claim Your Free $5

Limit Order

A limit order is an order to buy below the current price, or sell above the current price. For example, if an instrument is trading at 129.34 / 129.38 and you believe the market will rise, you could place a limit order to buy at 129.28. If executed, this will give you a long position at 129.28, which is 10 pips better than if you had just used a market order. The disadvantage of the limit order is that if the instrument moves straight up from 129.34 / 129.38 your limit at 129.28 will never be filled and you will miss out on the profit opportunity even though your view on the direction was correct. Opening a position with a limit order is usually appropriate if you believe that the market will remain in a range before moving in your anticipated direction, allowing the order to be filled first.

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Free Forex Trading With Marketiva. Claim Your $5 Free Now !

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You Are Going To Discover The Online Money Making Secrets that No Ones Wants You to Know About !!

Start Making Money within 15 min. with the
fastest money making system with Marketiva.

What is Marketiva ?

Marketiva provides over-the-counter market making services in Forex, Funds, Indexes and Commodities; $5 cash reward, so you can start trading right away without depositing your own funds; trading on 1% margin; zero-interest on open positions, no market commissions; virtual and live desks within one account; industry standard variable spreads; latest news, alerts on market events, chat channels, 24-hour support, sophisticated and easy-to-use direct-trading charting tool, and the best online trading experience.

How Much Money do I need to Start Trading right now ?

With its flexible quantity specifications and $5 cash reward, Marketiva allows you to start trading with no money down. Due to strict lot specifications, many other over-the-counter market makers require at least $500 to start with.

To Open an account, Click the Banner Below NOW !! and claim your Free $5

Open an Account Now !!

Open an Account Now !!

May I open a test account and try the system first ?

Because live and virtual trading desks co-exist within one Marketiva account, you may try our system with a regular account and later use the same account for live trading. In any case, you can open your Marketiva account for free! Please click above banner to open an account and Claim your $5 Free Now !!

How Much Person already join Marketiva ?

Currently, Marketiva have client more than 520,000 serviced users, 310,000 unique and live trading accounts, and more than 3.7 million live orders executed each month. This is why Marketiva is one of the most popular over-the-counter market makers in the world.

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Open an account Now !!
It is Free, and you got nothing to lose.


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    Asiativa is an Official Affiliate of Marketiva. The most popular over-the-counter market makers in the world.


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